Morocco, as a responsible partner and faithful to its international commitments, plays a key role in the stability and development of the Euro-Mediterranean area, said Saturday the Swiss expert on development and eco-responsible innovation, Michel Jean Menghetti.

“If the international community today recognizes the leading role of Morocco in the stability of the region, it is not by chance or an observation of complacency, but it is indeed a question of a real recognition of the efforts made by the Kingdom to meet the various challenges in terms of development, peace and security in its geo-strategic environment,” Menghetti told MAP.

The royal speech on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People “once again confirms the interest given by Morocco to the development and prosperity of the region within the framework of dialogue and stable and mutually beneficial relations,” he pointed out.

The expert, who stressed the importance of Morocco in a troubled regional context, noted that the international community appreciates Morocco’s efforts for the consolidation of institutions and the important economic and social achievements made in the Kingdom.

He also stressed that the strength of the Kingdom at the political, economic and security levels will serve the security and stability of the entire region, noting that international partners are called upon to support this constructive role of Morocco at all levels.

Mr. Menghetti added that relations between countries sharing the same values of freedom and democracy and participating in international cooperation in the face of multiple challenges, “must be based on mutual respect, transparency, and trust”.