The French government kicked off a new phase of easing COVID-19 restrictions, allowing entry to tourists from EU nations and some other countries without PCR tests. “Since June 9, the flow of tourists between France and foreign countries will open again in compliance with the rules, which vary depending on the situation in third countries and the vaccination of travelers,” the statement said.

The French authorities divided all countries into three zones – green, orange and red. Inoculated tourists from the green zone, including Australia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and EU countries, can enter the country without PCR tests. If they are not vaccinated, PCR test results are still obligatory.

Tourists from the “orange” states, such as Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and many others, must have both a vaccination certificate and PCR test results. Those people who have not taken a COVID-19 shot will be allowed to enter France only in case of valid reasons. The red zone comprises 16 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, India, Turkey, South Africa and others. Their citizens too can arrive in France only if they give valid reasons, but need to present PCR test results and quarantine for 10 days.