The adoption of the Unified Social Register (RSU) is proceeding in optimal conditions and this mechanism will be operational very soon, said Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit on Monday.

Responding to an oral question in the parliament’s lower house, Laftit said that the National Population Register (RNP) has, so far, 120 thousand people.

This operation will contribute to the accurate targeting of people who really need support within the framework of all existing public subsidy mechanisms, he stressed.

The experimental period of implementation of this project, which was launched at the level of Rabat and Kenitra, will continue until the end of 2022, before being generalized to the entire national territory.

It should be noted that the RNP aims to determine the modalities of implementation of Articles 6, 7, 8, 28 and 30 of Law 72.18 on the targeting system of beneficiaries of social support programs and the creation of the National Agency of Registers.

The aim is to define the terms and conditions for granting the Digital Civil and Social Identifier (IDCS) and the terms and conditions of services for verifying the veracity of the data declared to public administrations, local authorities and public and private institutions.

This operation concerns, in a first phase, the prefecture of Rabat and the province of Kenitra, before being generalized on all the prefectures and provinces of the Kingdom, in accordance with an order of the Minister of the Interior.