Morocco and South Africa have the human and technical resources and means that can effectively contribute to the economic development of Africa and address the challenges and aspirations of its populations, in terms of employment and prosperity, affirmed the Ambassador of Morocco to South Africa Youssef Amrani.

“The opportunities and prospects that a renewed partnership between Morocco and South Africa represent are capable of having a real impact on the whole Continent and a positive effect on efforts to promote peace and Security,” Amrani said in an article published by the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA).

He added that the two countries play a similar role at the level of the continent and their respective sub-regions and represent, together, the leading investors in Africa and in their regional economic communities. “It is in this spirit that falls the commonly agreed will of Morocco and South Africa to set up a renewed and dynamic partnership in the service of the interests of the African continent”, he said.

The diplomat noted that the economic dynamic, which has known significant successes in recent years, would benefit from support by a global political dialogue, that is positively oriented between the two countries.

The multiplication of cultural rapprochement initiatives is capable of improving common knowledge and extending human ties between the peoples of the two countries, he explained. In addition, Amrani highlighted the historical roots of the Kingdom in Africa and its identity, but also political, economic, cultural and religious attachment to its home Continent.