The weather situation was characterized from August 12 to 17, 2021, by a heat wave, type of Chergui, which affected most of the country, with new maximum temperature records in several cities of the Kingdom, said the General Directorate of Meteorology (DGM).

This hot weather is due to the rise of a mass of dry and hot air from the South causing a significant rise in temperatures and exceeding the monthly average by 5 to 12 degrees, in particular on August 13 and 14, 2021, which were the hottest days of August, said the DGM in a press release.

Thus, an absolute annual record of 46.7 °C was recorded on Friday 13/08/2021 in Fez against 46.4 °C recorded on 10/07/2021, the same source said. In addition, monthly records for August concerned the cities of Taroudant with 49.3 °C recorded on Sunday 15/08/2021 against 48.9 °C on 02/08/2012, of Agadir Al Massira (49.1 °C on Monday 16/08/2021 against 48.3 °C on 26/08/2010), of Marrakech (48.6 °C on Friday 13/08/2021 against 48.6 °C on 02/08/2012), of Oujda (46.7 °C on Friday 13/08/2021 against 46.2 °C on 06/08/2019), of Guelmim (47.6 °C on Sunday 15/08/2021 against 47.0 °C on 08/05/2016) and of Meknes (46.5 °C on Saturday 08/14/2021 against 45.3 °C on 08/09/1925). These monthly records also concerned the cities of Taza (46.1 °C on Friday 13/08/2021 then 46.2 °C on Saturday 14/08/2021 against 45.7 °C on 04/08/2017), of Khouribga (45.3 °C on Friday 13/08/2021 then 45.5 °C on Saturday 14/08/2021 against 44.1 °C on 08/08/2011) and of Tetouan (42.2 °C on Monday 08/16/2021 against 42.0 °C on 08/09/1976).