The Mohammed V Airport has unveiled a cutting-edge transit area designed to provide more space and enhance functionality, thereby boosting operational efficiency and traveler comfort.

Equipped with the latest technology, this modern transit zone enhances security, reduces waiting times, and streamlines passenger flow to ensure a pleasant transit experience. The inauguration of this area addresses the growing traffic at Mohammed V Airport, solidifying its status as a key hub.

Spanning 5,000 square meters, the new transit zone includes 11 additional check-in counters for transit passengers. Safety features comprise 10 automatic Explosive Detection System (EDS) machines for cabin luggage, 7 magnetic gates, portable metal detectors, and 3 body scanners. To improve passenger mobility, the zone is outfitted with 7 elevators and 8 escalators.

“We are launching a new international transit area today. This 5,000 square meter zone enhances passenger flow and the performance of our civil aviation security systems,” said Abdelhak Mazour, Director of Mohammed V Airport, during the inauguration ceremony.

He added, “Our airport serves a significant number of transit passengers traveling from south to north and east to west. Given this traffic increase, it was essential to collaborate with Royal Air Maroc (RAM) to provide a spacious zone capable of handling up to two million passengers annually, which is substantial.”

Regarding enhanced security measures, Mazour emphasized that the ONDA has implemented high-performance equipment capable of detecting both liquid and solid explosives, ensuring the most comfortable transit conditions. “These facilities are available to our security partners to enable them to work under optimal conditions,” he noted.

With the addition of this new transit zone, Mohammed V International Airport continues to expand and adapt to the increasing needs of passengers while preparing for the major sporting events that Morocco is set to host.