Vivo Energy Maroc, the renowned distributor of Shell fuels and lubricants and Butagaz liquefied petroleum gas in Morocco, is thrilled to unveil the 2024 edition of its Innovation Camp. This dynamic program, in collaboration with Injaz Al-Maghrib, is designed to foster entrepreneurship and innovative thinking among Moroccan students. By providing a platform for creative problem-solving, the initiative aims to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and environmental stewards.

This year’s edition invites students from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers de Casablanca (ENSAM-Casablanca) to form teams and brainstorm innovative solutions under the guidance of volunteer mentors from Vivo Energy Maroc. The challenge: to conceptualize solutions that put nature at the heart of service stations, focusing on sustainable water management, including the rationalization of potable water consumption and the recycling of wastewater.

“The Innovation Camp is an annual event that highlights the creativity and engagement of Moroccan students in creating sustainable and economic ecological impacts. Participants in this edition have shown that innovation is crucial to addressing the Kingdom’s challenges, particularly in sustainability and water management,” said Hind Mejjati Alami, Director of Communications & CSR at Vivo Energy Maroc.

The company mobilizes its volunteer employees to mentor and advise the students, providing them with comprehensive support to gain practical knowledge and experience, as well as opportunities to connect with industry professionals.

“The collaboration between Injaz Al-Maghrib and Vivo Energy Maroc aims to promote entrepreneurship and innovation among Moroccan youth. This strategic alliance allows us to combine our expertise and resources to enhance the entrepreneurial capabilities of our students and raise their awareness about building a prosperous and sustainable future,” stated Wafaa Guessouss, President of Injaz Al-Maghrib.

Education is a key component of Vivo Energy Maroc’s corporate social responsibility. In conjunction with the Innovation Camp, the Company Program sees volunteers from Vivo Energy Maroc annually support young students in creating Junior Enterprises. From 2009 to 2023, the partnership between Vivo Energy Maroc and Injaz Al-Maghrib has facilitated entrepreneurial training for over 10,000 students and the creation of 120 Junior Enterprises. Additionally, Vivo Energy Maroc is committed to road safety and environmental stewardship through a variety of initiatives and events as part of its social and environmental responsibility efforts.