Morocco was able, with the High Royal Directives, to place the defense of its higher interests in a “serene sovereignty” and to consolidate its specific weight on the international scene thanks to the kingly prerogatives that have presided over the new dynamism experienced by the Kingdom, and this in one of the most complicated international contexts, said the High Commissioner for Planning, Ahmed Lahlimi Alami.

This new dynamism involves, at the institutional level, the implementation of the institutions and mechanisms provided for in the Constitution of 2011 and in particular those with a participatory vocation and, at the economic level, a more proactive public policy of industrial diversification for the national economy, said Lahlimi in the introduction of the Exploratory Economic Budget 2022 which has just been published by the High Commission for Planning (HCP).

According to him, the launch, in this context, by HM the King, of the large industrial vaccine manufacturing project takes on the dimension of an emblematic initiative of these sovereign prerogatives.

“Its scope goes beyond its own objectives. It presents itself as if it were the model of what should be the content of the concept of economic sovereignty to which the Royal message associated it”, noted Lahlimi.

Through the political and international diversity of the partners in the joint venture called upon to carry out this project, this concept, far from referring to a notion of self-sufficiency, is rather a call for public policies whose decision, always sovereign, should be part of an openness on the world and a consideration of regional solidarity and South-South relations, he said.

“In its operational dimension, this concept implies the return in force of the State. A State which is strong in its historical, popular and constitutional legitimacy. Always strategic. Always regulatory. But more resolutely developer.

Initiator of partnerships with private and national or international capital, local authorities and civil society organizations in joint ventures of all economic or financial dimensions, as part of a strategic planning where the demand for economic and societal reforms relies on both sovereign and democratic dimensions”, explained Lahlimi.